General Info
Locus Ltd is a SME company founded in 2004 focusing on providing services in ICT industry. Services cover electronics development, software development and project management.

Broad experience from various projects and knowledge of latest technologies is the driving force of the company. Experience comes from work with large international USA and EU companies as well as from the projects from the local market.

Expertize in electronics and software development, together with the project management skills ensures that our clients get service either in hardware or software development or the complete service covering turnkey solution.

Locus Ltd is a company with good financial standing, stable growth, without debt. Yearly income in last few year ranges from 175k and 250 k EUR.



Providing services as a complete, hardware-software solutions using the latest technology advances in ICT and other technologies.

Focus on innovation, cooperation with research and science institutes and application of new ideas.

Developing products that bring better quality of life, using alternative and green energy sources.

Grow from service oriented company to the financially stable company with its own products with strong research and development team.

Develop innovative products with both market potential and ability to make people's life better.