We offer professional project management services for projects in ICT industry. Our services help our customers to initiate well defined projects based on solid business case and get projects delivered inside time, cost and quality requirements.



Our clients in Croatia for ICT projects are governmental institutions like Ministry of Treasury for the E-learning project and Ministry of Defense for the real estate database. We have excellent expertise in semiconductor industry from the successful projects like for the Robert Bosch for automotive industry and consumer electronics as a project manager of contracting team for chip development or from the 3 year project which included development of a new chip product and application.

Our project managers hold certificates in project management: Project Management Professional PMPĀ® by the Project Management Institute PMI and certificate in Business Analytics by IBM.



In our work we practice up to highest standards of the professional conduct, both in standard procedures and methodology as well as in work ethics. Our goal is to run successful projects with satisfied customer and positive work environment.